Sign On

The Sign On page is the first page you will see from the FTP site. This page contains fields for your Username and Password and a "Sign On" button to send this information to the FTP server for authentication.

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Clicking on the keyboard icons next to the username and password fields will open a clickable keyboard which can be used to enter your authentication information. Using the clickable keyboard can help thwart keystroke loggers. If you are logging on to the FTP site from a public computer, it is highly recommended you use the clickable keyboard to enter your username and password.

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When you press the Sign On button, your username and password are transmitted securely (via HTTPS) to the FTP server for authentication. If your sign on attempt fails, you will see an error message. If you attempt to sign on too many times in a short period of time you may get locked out of the system altogether. If you need assistance, use the "Tech Support" link on the Sign On page to contact someone who can help you.

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If your sign on succeeds you will be rewarded with a success message.

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The page you will see immediately after signing on depends on how you got to the sign on page in the first place. If you clicked a link from your web browser or typed a short URL into your browser, you are now most likely at the Home Page. If you clicked a link from an email notification, you are now either looking at a package or file.

Common Reasons Access is Denied

For security reasons, the SAME message is displayed to anyone who fails to sign on for any of the following reasons. (You will only be told that access was denied, not WHY access was denied!)

Requesting a Password Change

You are allowed to request an automatic password change if you have forgotten your password, to avoid a round trip though technical support staff. Click the "Request a password change" link at the bottom of the signon page.

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Clicking this link opens the Password Change Request page. This page will prompt you for your username and provide instructions for completing the password change process. Once you enter your username and click the Request Password Change button, an email will be sent to your registered email address, if your account has one, either with instructions for completing the password change, or a notice that the password change was denied.

Password Change Request

This page is displayed if you click a "Request a password change" link at the bottom of the signon page.

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Enter your username in the field and then click the "Request Password Change" button.

An email message with more information about the password reset process will be sent to your registered email address. This message may ask you to click on a link to reset your password. If it does, you will have the specified amount of time to do so before the link expires. If no link is provided in the message, or if you do not receive a message within 15 minutes, you will need to contact your administrator to reset your password.